13th September The Impact of Bereavement on Children Looked After - Part 1 - Training For Foster Carers

To raise awareness of the impact of bereavement on Looked After Children and to look how bereavement affects children and young people of various ages. (Part 1)Read more

Strategies and activities to use with Looked After Children who have experienced bereavement - Training for Foster Carers - Part 2

To provide strategies and activities to support bereaved Looked After Children. N.B Attendees must attend Part 1 of the bereavement training prior to attending Part 2. Read more

10th November 2018 Flashpoints in Adult Sibling Relationships and How to Help

Adult clients often bring sibling difficulties, both current and past. A major change such as a death or a new relationship can act as a flashpoint. Old grudges, rivalries and losses may be re-ignited. Different family constellations – step, half, blended, no siblings, ill or dead siblings – all have their own dynamics and troubles. You can also see earlier sibling experiences being re-enacted in work relationships and supervision groups. Read more

An Introduction to Play Therapy Workshop

16 November 2018: A one day, activity-based workshop exploring how Play Therapy can be used to help children and young people.Read more