Listening Ear is a charity and growing social enterprise. We support children, young people and adults during the most difficult times of their lives such as when they have experienced bereavement, suicide, domestic abuse or moving into care. 

Every penny given to Listening Ear is spent on delivering more free services for those who are most in need in our communities.

Please donate generously and help people like:

  • Mark, a war veteran. His anger issues led to him to seriously assaulting his father and eventually almost cost him his job. Through Listening Ear's VIDA occupational health counselling service, Alan accessed support and is now 'a different person' (in his own words).

  • Heidi, whose son Stefan took his own life aged 21, whilst studying at University. Listening Ear's Amparo service provided practical support to Heidi within 24 hrs of referral. Heidi is a passionate campaigner for student mental health. You can watch the BBC 3 documentary 'Death on Campus: Our Stories' featuring Heidi's story here:

  • Megan, whose Mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer when she was only 13 years old. Megan wanted to die with her Mum but she accessed support through our Lunar counselling service for children and young people. Megan is now studying for her GCSE's and wants to become a doctor to help more people with cancer and other life-limiting ilnesses.

How to support us

  • You can make a donation to Listening Ear
  • You can fundraise for Listening Ear
  • You can volunteer for Listening Ear
  • Register with AmazonSmile and choose Listening Ear as your preferred cause.

Please help us to make a positive difference to more people's lives. Thank you for your support!