FAB (Friendship After Bereavement) offers support after your one-to-one counselling has finished or after attending a 6 week  bereavement group. The bereavement group offers psycho-education about the universal experience of bereavement. Led by an experienced group facilitator, attendees explore issues such as the physical and emotional effects on a loved one, the impact on wider family systems and the impact on your identity, particularly for carers. You will never be forced to speak within the group if you don't feel comfortable with this, but we think that in time, you will be surprised how the group process can help you to heal.

What to expect

After your theraputic intervention has ended, you are welcome to join a FAB group either in Halewood or Whiston. The FAB group offers a safe and confidential space. Tissues are provided but you can expect some laughter too! Fabbers meet for lunch, organise trips and generally start to enjoy life again.

After the death of my partner in August 2014, I attended one to one counselling at Listening Ear for 6 Sessions in 2015.  It helped me cope a lot and I made friends within the FAB Group.

The service you provide is excellent and invaluable - thank you again.

FAB in Cheshire

Friendship After Bereavement (FAB) is a post-bereavement service for men and women over 50 in the Cheshire West and Cheshire area.

The service initially offers 6 weekly one-to-one Listening sessions with one of our trained volunteers. Following this, you will then be given the opportunity to join our facilitator-led Friendship After Bereavement group.

The FAB group offers a safe and confidential space to explore issues such as the physical and emotional effects of bereavement. Group members meet for lunch, organise trips and generally start to enjoy life again.

To refer in to the service in Cheshire, please complete our Self referral forms (which can be found here) in full.

A leaflet for the service can be downloaded here