VIDA is Listening Ear’s occupational health counselling service.

If you have an issue which is impacting on your health and wellbeing, your performance or attendance at work, then our 1:1 counselling service may be of help. We offer a confidential, independent environment which can support employees.

By using Listening Ear, the money your company spends to support you is reinvested back into the delivery of our free community services. In this way, your company might be helping a child bereaved of a parent, a child in care or a child experiencing domestic abuse in the home to get free support. This means that it delivers against a company's Corporate Social Responsibility and ethical procurement agendas.

Read a testimonial from a local authority senior manager here.

For more information about VIDA, please contact:

Richard Brown, CEO on 0151 488 1614  or email [email protected]


If your employer is Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, then the Occupational Health Team will refer you to VIDA and pay us directly. Please contact the team directly on [email protected] or telephone 0151 443 5780.


If your employer is Liverpool City Council, then your line manager will refer you to VIDA and we will invoice for sessions upon completion. Please complete a VIDA Referral Form (located on your LCC Intranet) and send to your manager for their approval. A Purchase Order must then be raised and the number added to your form before submitting.



If your employer is Liverpool Mutual Homes, then the HR Department will refer you to VIDA.  Please contact your HR Business Partner to request a referral to our service.

Is your employer not listed above?

Does your employer offer an Employee Assistance Programme?

If your company pays for membership of an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) at work, they may also refer you to VIDA and support you to claim the cost of counselling back via the EAP. Listening Ear is fully accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and can therefore be used in any EAP supply chain. In case of query, or for more details, please contact Richard Brown, CEO on 0151 488 1614.