'I hope you can spare a few minutes of your time.

Listening Ear was a great help to me after the loss of my mother aged 85. We were so very close. I was not coping well at all, even with my family and friends around me.

When I was invited to Listening Ear’s bereavement group, I wasn’t keen at all to be part of a group. I’m so glad I went along though, week after week, to my sessions.

Knowing that I was not alone, there were others in the same situation as myself and that it was ok to cry. It was such a great relief to open up and release what was building up inside. I felt much better after that and I am so very grateful for the help and support Listening Ear has given me. I will never forget, THANK YOU!

I still return to Listening Ear every fortnight and attend the FAB (Friendship After Bereavement) Group. Some of the group members have become good friends. We still meet up at the centre for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat so we can still support each other. I also now volunteer for Listening Ear on reception. I meet and greet people and do some admin which I enjoy very much.

I hope this testimonial has helped you in some way. Please do make an appointment as you will be so welcome.'