VIDA, Listening Ear's Occupational Health counselling service, regularly receives positive comments from staff who have used the service.

These comments, from a local authority senior manager, were received in May 2019 and sum up the value that VIDA can bring to an organisation:

I have two members of staff who have had quite significant challenges with their mental health and whilst they both battled on to get into work, there were periods of time where they just couldn’t be here.  I referred both of them to Listening Ear as soon as they returned on a phased return to work arrangement.

The difference in both members of staff is not only visible, but from a work perspective, they are absolutely on their game. Following one to ones with them today after their last session with Listening Ear, they have both stated that their counselling sessions have given them the coping mechanisms and the perspective to help them manage their mental health issues in a much better way, by helping them to identify the triggers before things get too much to cope with.  For me as their manager, it has been a great resource; not only has it allowed me to offer practical support to my team members but also, I predict there will be no further significant sick leave relating to their mental health, whereas prior to the Listening Ear support, this would have absolutely been a definite occurrence and probably long term too.

We can all be guilty at times of focusing on the things that we don’t feel are great in the work place so I thought it was important to share that in this instance, the practical support we have been able to offer to our members of staff has absolutely been a positive and has no doubt saved £££ in the long term.